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Machine quilting services are outlined below. With a Handi-Quilter Longarm Quilting Machine with the HQ Pro-Stitcher computerized quilting system, we offer a variety of services to enhance or create your quilt. 

Are you interested in knowing what the pricing and cost will be to have your quilt top machine quilted? Give me a call at (417) 773-2103 and we can discuss your options.

Preparation of your Quilt Top

Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back is essential to obtaining a good result. Any preparations that your choose to have me do here (e.g. seaming the backing, etc.) will be billed at $15/hr.

-- The three layers of your quilt (quilt top, batting, and backing) will be loaded on the longarm machine independently of one another so it is not necessary to pin or baste them together.

-- Press seams well. Be sure the top lies flat. Ripples and puffy places will not necessarily quilt flat. Take care that the borders do not ripple and wave. Quilt will be stitched the way it is received, unless otherwise specified. Clip all loose threads. However, I will press out any wrinkles caused by folding the quilt top to get it to me.

-- If your quilt has a definite "head," and you think I might not recognize it as such, apply a piece of masking tape or other marking to identify it.

-- If you send batting, check the package to be sure it is suitable for machine quilting. I stock a small batting inventory (see below) if you would like to purchase batting from me.

-- Please trim off the selvage edges before seaming your backing as the selvages shrink at a different rate than the fabric and can cause puckering. To seam the backing, I usually use a 5/8" seam rather than the standard 1/4" seam. Press this seam open.

-- Thread used on back side (bobbin) will be matched to the top thread. (Top and bottom threads that are different colors can result in the appearance of specks on the opposite side.

-- Please send at least one yard of fabric if you would like for me to cut and apply the binding. I will cut 2-1/2" straight grain binding. I will apply the binding by machine on the front and hand-stitch on the back.


Your cost is based upon the actual dimensions of your quilt top. All machine quilting is priced by the square inch. Upon request, I can provide you with a more accurate estimate. Following are examples of typical pricing and quilting costs based upon size of quilt and type of designs used. This prices are effective April 1, 2018.   

Quilt Size

 Edge to Edge


$0.02/sq in

Edge to Edge


$0.0225/sq in



$0.0275/sq in



$0.035/sq in

Crib (30" x 45")





Twin (63" x 87")





Full/Double (78" x 87")





Queen (84" x 92")





 King (92" x 100")





EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING: Edge to Edge quilting is an all-over design, from top to bottom and from side to side. This is the most economical way to quilt. I offer many designs to choose from and are priced as $0.02/square inch, and $0.0225/square inch for more complex designs.

CUSTOM QUILTING: Custom quilting uses a variety of techniques and patterns to highlight the uniqueness of your quilt top. I can use a different design on the blocks (or part of a block), sashing and/or border. Custom quilting ranges from $0.0275/square inch to $0.035/square inch.

Batting and Backing


 Mattress Size (W x L)

Typical Quilt Size(W x L)

Batting Size (W x L)


 23" x 46"

30" x 45"

 45" x 60"


 39" x 76"

63" x 87"

 72" x 90"

Double (Full)

 54" x 75"

78" x 87"

 81" x 96"


 60" x 80"

 84" x 92"

 90" x 108"


 78" x 80"

92" x 100"

 120" x 120"

California King

 72" x 84"

 86" x 104"

 120" x 120"

 *Note: Batting sizes refer to commercially available, precut battings.   

Your Batting and Backing needs to be a minimum of 6" wider and 6" longer than your quilt top. The extra allows me to have the needed room to attach your quilt to the frame so that I can quilt up to the edge of your quilt top. You can supply the batting and/or backing for your top or get it from The Stitched Owl. Please note that if you do bring your own batting, that it is for machine quilting. Below are some of the batting brands available at The Stitched Owl for purchase:

Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Blend -- Featuring 80% unbleached cotton and 20% fine polyester, this popular batting offers a lofty, lightweight feel. Needlepunched and spray bonded, it's also exceptionally strong and durable.

Pellon®'s Nature’s Touch® 100% Cotton Batting -- Made of 100% Ultra Clean Cotton fibers that are needle punched to a scrim binder for extra stability. It is both lightweight and breathable, soft and durable and has a beautiful drape. Quilters and crafters trust and love natural cotton due to the time proven qualities it lends to all projects. It is especially great for bed quilts, throw quilts and wall hangings.

Pellon® Quilter’s Touch® Polyester Batting -- This batting is soft yet durable and provides an ideal loft that quilters and crafters trust and love. It is lightweight, versatile, and easy to quilt. The soft and stabilizing scrim binder gives added strength. 


I offer complete binding service. You may supply your own binding or I can prepare and attach the binding. Complete binding service includes attaching the binding to the front of the quilt by machine (from fabric you provide or purchased quilt binding), and hand-stitch it to the back of the quilt. If you wish for me to make the binding, I will need an additional yard of fabric (less for crib quilts) and there will be an additional $15 charge. To calculate the cost of binding your quilt, multiply $0.25 times the total inches of the four sides of your quilt top. For example, a quilt that is 35" x 50" would be calculated as (35" + 35" + 50" + 50") x $0.25 = $42.50.

Needle and Thread

For each quilt top, I will provide a new needle and up to 3 bobbins of thread (about 700 yards of thread) at a cost of $8.00 per quilt. Additional bobbins will be charged at $1.50 per bobbin. You may choose standard thread or variegated, but I prefer to use the same color on the top thread and bottom thread. Top and bottom threads that are different colors can sometimes result in the appearance of specks on the opposite side.


You will be charged the actual shipping and insurance costs. Once your quilt is finished, I'll be able to weigh it and let you know what the shipping cost will be to your address.

Piecing / Completing Quilts

Do you have quilts in your closet that just need borders? Perhaps a collection of blocks you just don't think you'll ever assemble into a top? I can turn your unfinished projects into something you will use and enjoy!

Machine Piecing

$20.00 per hour

Fullness Disclaimer:

Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt and its borders cannot always be quilted out. I cannot guarantee that puckers won't be sewn in, but will do my best in working the fullness out when quilting.

Mechanical Disclaimer:

Please be aware that sewing machines, including longarm machines, are mechanical devices. I will do my utmost to ensure perfect results every time but on rare occasions mechanical problems do occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.

The pricing for machine quilting and other options on this page is for your use to estimate the cost of having your top quilted. Please remember that each quilt is different. I'll be happy to calculate a free estimate based on your actual needs for your quilt top. Prices are subject to change without notice. Estimates are not contractual bids. Written estimates are free and are honored for 60 days.

If you have any questions about my pricing, please contact me by phone or email. I will be glad to discuss your quilt with you. After I see your quilt top, I may be able to make suggestions, but the decision is up to you. 

The Stitched Owl

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